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Reverting to a Previous Kernel

I haven’t needed to downgrade my kernel for a while. I was using Ubuntu’s 14.04 LTS (long time support) support for a few years, and it was so stable that I just run the following with no problems.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

But recently I got a new laptop with the latest chipsets and peripherals and decided to upgrade to the new Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 LTS while I’m at it.

I’m sad to say that the combination of new distro with bleeding edge hardware has twice given me a problem.

Disabling the Webcam or USB Ports on Linux

Why disable a USB port?

You may just want to make sure that you webcam, usually connected to the internal USB bus, is turned off.

In my case my laptop webcam has become intermittently faulty. This has caused my laptop to hang on shutdown while the kernel tries to power down the device.

Clearly I want to disable the camera’s port without disabling all the other USB ports on the laptop…